This post is more of a personal reflection. I have recently provided myself with somewhat of a default word. A phrase in the human language to represent an action, feeling or premonition.

That word is “LEGEND”!

I appologise for the excessively excercised use of this word. Maybe a hard turn of a Thesaurus page would do me some good…

But for now I’m just going to wallow knee deep with in the language ocean and use my life raft made of “LEGEND”!


Non-existent Labelling

So… I’m am preparing my mind to potentially projectile vomit all the negative propaganda that has been embedded in my brain box labeled “stereotypes”. I will not, nor ever, be comforable injecting a label onto any human being, never less a child.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it ability to climb a tree, it will live it whole life believing it’s stupid – Albert Einstien

When Mr. Oren was four, he was diagnosed with SPD. Otherwise known as Sensory Processing Disorder. In relative terms it means he needs more sensory stimulation than most children. He processes information by engaging responses using several senses in conjunction. This means he is usually very physical and needs to “feel” to cement his understanding. Licking, squeezing, throwing, banging, pulling, sniffing, yelling EVERYTHING. Displaying behaviour synonymous with boys, but with heightened intensity. Sometimes this means he has to take a different road to get to the same place, School is somewhat a daily challenge.

Now I could stay awake thinking about this label as a pitfall in my parenting, blaming everything from genetics to Mr. Oren accidentally rolling off the bed when he was baby. All of these worries are just going to send me to a place which thrives in worry, blame and misery. Or I can embrace my wonderful, gloriously loving child as he is. Imperfections included. If I was to label, he would carry this around on his little shoulders, a burden to his soul as well as mine.

I see him as the beautiful child that he is, warts and all. His mind works differently, but nothing short of brilliant. And I would never want to change that. Proud to be called his mother, I love all of him for who he is and who he will become.


Candy Cane

When your child goes to school and miraculously, mentally ingests the basic formula of letter and number foundations, you feel nothing short of elation. “My child is a genius”, “Einstien would revel in this expansive knowledge of number sequences” are some of the proud thoughts that filter into our (parents) psyche.

With technical precision, Mr. Kian can count to 10! What a dead set Ledgend! So proud of this monkey for all his dedication to the numatic system…

So, with this knowledge came other privileges. Mr. Kians favourite was boasting the numbers that glow in bright neon apon our microwave aka the “time”. When ever I asked him to relay the numbers to me, he would fall nothing short of precision. Again, genius.

But imbedded in his strive for numeral perfection, was a glitch. Not just any glitch, but an cognitive manifestation of creative proportions. And to me this was the greatest genius of all…

Number SEVEN was in a league of its own. For number 7 in the analog world was the exact replica of a “candy cane”. Mr. Kian would proudly state the time of 4:37 as follows ” Four, two dots, three, candy cane”. Amused, yes. Giggle worthy, yes. Proud, F&$k yes.

This creative representation of numbers lasted all of 18months and never once did I correct him. I thought I was the most magical number of the world. And who was I to dictate this magic? I just wanted to make it last forever…

The “Ledgend of the Tooth Fairy”

The road’s travelled by many children often simulates countless magical diversions, which intertwine into day to day experiences. One of those magical milestones is the conjuring of the “Tooth Fairy”.

To give a little insight into the the genetically predisposed notion, I must first tell the tale of my famous tooth story…

Aroused by the theory that all one had to do was put a tooth under you pillow and fall asleep to awaken the slumber of the coin delivering fairy, I put my enterpreneual hat on. I was a six year old child who always had big dreams…

I once read a story about a little boy who wrapped string tightly around his tooth, secured the loose end of the string to a door handle then with with the mighty force of the HULK slammed the door… Only to reveal a toothless grin perpetuated by his marvellous plan. So, as any business minded woman would do, I collected all my tools to carry out my master plan. The only glitch was I didn’t even have a single wobbly tooth to speak of. But I wouldn’t let such a insignificant issue as that stop my determination in bank in on my dollar.

Needless to say, after many attempts to secure my financial future, all I was left with was a my mouth (and tooth) handcuffed to a string and that string handcuffed to the door… It took my father half an hour to untie my tooth, which was still firmly stuck in its familiar spot in my mouth. But as always there was a silver lining. Amongst all the determination, deflation, blood, sweat and lots of tears, when my father finally loosened the noose around my tooth, it was in fact wobbly. HORAY!

Fastforward 20 or so years and I come face to face with an all to familiar milestone. Mr. Oren, has finally lost his tooth. (Insert evil laugh) Ha Ha Ha…One step closer to being rich…

We were excitedly preparing for the arrival of the tooth fairy and together we made a little pocket which was where the tooth would lay under his pillow. After assembling our precious pocket, Mr. Oren ran into the kitchen at lightening speeds. He returned only milliseconds later holding the final instalment for our “pocket”. Obviosly Mr. Oren had the same blood as mine coursing through his tiny veins… He had returned holding a jar of pepper. Pepper? What on earth is he going to do with that pepper?

It seems that my little man has inherited some of my savvy…

“Mum” said Mr. Oren “The only thing left to do is put in the pepper?” Hmm explanation… Mr. Oren was then obliged to fill me in on his genius-ness “If we put pepper next to the tooth, when the fairy comes to collect it, she will sneeze.” And what will happen when she sneezes you ask?? “When the tooth fairy sneezes, her coin bag will jump up and more money will spill out” Mr. Oren has just devised a fool proof plan of epic proportions. This exploration of imagination will surely put him on the treasure map! What a Ledgend!

“The Boy and the Great Fairy Heist”


So much to say about our life “unchained”

Where do I begin? How should I revive this semi-retired memoirs? So much has happened since I posted my last post. It is hard to find that one minuscule point in time which I can draw the line, plant my diving board and dismount into the story stream of my life!

I am thinking a second formal introduction is in order, that way I can re-establish our first impressions…

So I am Miss. Mum; a freshly squeezed thirty year young mum, who loves to dissolve into creative chaos and has stars in her eyes only for her two Mr. Men. This blog is just a mere insight into my life; the perils, triumphs, joys and deep rooted cringes. A true testament to our families daily deeds with a little humour thrown in for good measure and a sprinkle of dirt dust just for good luck!

Then there is Mr. Man; my absolutely, hands down, champion of a husband. He is glue that cements are foundation. Just a true to life stud muffin with the aura of an angel…

The first of my two boys/men:

Mr. Oren, aged seven. He is a true version and of his father and nothing less that an angel! His halo somewhat slips occasionally as he is battling a mild but tameable sensory processing disorder, which can lead to uncharted territory of sensory temptation. He has a heart of gold and a trusty fishing rod made of steel… Oh and have I told you he is absolutely obsessed with fishing? You heard it here first…

Mr. Kian, aged five. He has been know in our house hold as the instigator and never ceases to amaze me with his quick witt, precocious charm and ability to bust out in random RAPS! He just adores his big brother, but as much as he loves him he loves to also shovel all blame in his direction, when the water gets rough. But an all round gorgeous guy/boy…

Ok now that we have the awkward introductions out of the way, we can start the vivacious journey into the “Funny Forrest”, past the “Kooky Canyon” and arrive nestled deep in to the charming piece of Earth where we reside,”Crazy Town”!

Which I fondly call MY HOME!

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day..

I originally started this blog as a tribute to the two micheavious little men, who adventurous antics always incite belly bouncing laughter or a ground shaking growl that would scare the pants off any bunny. But these two men are my world and I wanted to permanently etch their life’s into cyberspace. I was full steam into the process  when I was delivered the unexpected news that my father in law was extremely sick.
This sudden news was no less than devastating. Staying strong for my partner and his family was the only option. All energy I conjured was circled 10 fold back into my family unit. Love is strength of one thousand armies. With a new found confidence, sprouting new roots of strength every day, I will begin again and tell my stories with gusto…
I am now dedicating this new beginning to my love passed and to all the new adventures life has in store for us… RIP